Advanced web development and Developer events

We help our clients move from the systems of yesterday to custom tailored solutions from a new generation of web technologies. The grass is greener on our side.

Let us help your organization take the step towards enjoying all the advantages that modern web development can offer; stability, performance and flexibility. We can develop for you in HTML5, CSS3, dōjō, node.js and Google technologies. We can even offer training for you and your staff.

We arrange yearly technical conferences since 2009, such as Android Only, DynCon, the Devops confernce Crash & Burn and the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference.

Coming from our long experience delivering successful technical conferences we are now also creating a series of playful and creative invite-only recruitment events, the first being 'Escape from /dev/null'.

Attending developers are engaged in a dramatic science-fiction narrative, where they solve well-defined but challenging programming problems to advance from node to node on a tactical map, winning smaller and larger 'artifacts' such as headphones, games and nerf guns along the way.

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